What is Hopu?

It’s all about smart travelling

In a nutshell, Hopu helps its community to make the best decisions when it comes down to travelling internationally.

Our team uses its expertise in the aviation industry to cut through the complexity and provide our community with the best flights available, in a very simple and concrete way.

How can we help?

You’ll receive notifications about the best flight deals our team finds, with a detailed explanation on how to book them. This will allow you to discover great destinations, that maybe you did not know existed, at a very reasonable price. 

Why does it matter?

The aviation industry is as dynamic as it gets. New airports are opening constantly, just like new airlines or new routes and connexions. The truth is that is very hard to keep up with all of these developments, and travel-enthusiasts are constantly missing out on great opportunities because of that.

Our team uses its expertise in the aviation industry to cut through the complexity and provide our community with the best flights available, in a very simple and concrete way.


That is where Hopu comes in. Our team keeps up with these developments, literally all day long, and our users get to benefit from this knowledge.

Finding the best flight deals around is not an easy endeavour. Here are the people involved in getting you the next fantastic trip, under half its normal price!

Our support team 

Whenever you have a question or need a helping hand seizing a deal, these are the people that will do everything in their power to sort it out!



Sofiane is our great community manager, he speaks French and English. His main endeavour is to travel the world but still helps our travelers around the clock. Send us a message and you’ll see! You can talk to him on Facebook also.

Kathrin - Paris

Kathrin is Hopu’s communication & marketing hero. She successfully put Hopu out there and takes care of keeping our community in loop whenever our team finds a great deal. Check our Instagram profile and discover our latest deals.

Our flights experts

This is the team in charge of scouring the web, and exploiting the system to find the right opportunities when they pop-up!

Baptiste - Brussels

Baptiste is our first flight hacker, he found more than 1000 insane flights over the last 18 months and works as an air traffic controller in Brussels airport. So next time you’re flying in or out of Brussels, you might spot Baptiste through the window.

Amaury - Brussels

Amaury is part of our flight hacking team, he mainly focuses on solving individual requests we get from our users and has been generating hundred of thousands in savings for our whole community over the last year. He’s also based in Brussels.

Rodrigo - Athens

Rodrigo is our Brazilian flight hacker based in in Athens, Greece. He brings a bit of sun in our team of nordics. Other than that, Rodrigo is mainly focused on finding the hidden pearls out there. He already found 500+ flights since he joined.

Nicolas - Lyon

Nicolas is our french flight hacker from Lyon, he recently joined the team too. Nicolas already spotted some great hidden pearls over the last months such as Paris to Rio de Janeiro for 292€ return. Insane, right?

Elmer - Brussels

Elmer is our most recent flight hacker, he has an entrepreneurial spirit and when he’s not busy on his projects, he finds great flights for our community. He’s also based in Belgium like Amaury and Baptiste.

Our founders

Damian - Paris

Jorge is a travel & data addict. Having lived in 5 countries in the last couple of years, there’s nothing he enjoys more than sharing his passion with the Hopu community. He takes care of overseeing all of the operations and new features.

Antoine - Paris

Antoine has been obsessed with travelling the world since he lived in Bangkok a few years ago. He takes care of coordinating the team of flight hackers to make sure we constantly deliver the best flights to our community.