Frequently Asked Questions

Hopu Flights

We constantly find very well priced flights, and we share them with the Hopu Community through our platform and email notification services.

What is Hopu Flights?

We are experts in finding the best flight deals for our community. In very simple terms, we provide an email notification service that allows you to receive flight deals departing from your city. This is how it works:

  1. Signup and choose your city
  2. Stay tuned and wait for our email notifications
  3. Get notifications when flights from your city go cheap and travel the world

For instance: Paris to Las Vegas for 198€ return and direct.

How can I receive your deals?

Sign up here for free. You will then need to confirm your email before you get access to our platform and email notifications. As a Hopu member, you can browse all our deals on our platform, at any time after you signed up. We will then start sending you email notifications when our team finds flight deals you can’t miss.

Which regions do you cover?

Our website and notifications are currently available in French and English. We cover airports in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

Have a region you want us to launch soon? Send us an email to hello@hopuflights.com

Can I choose my favorite departure airports?

Our team has selected a handful of airports of interest for each city in which we operate. You can modify these default settings by upgrading to Hopu Plus

How frequently do I receive your emails?

Many companies think that more emails equal more value, we don’t. For that reason you’ll receive up to 3 emails a week with a handful of carefully picked flight deals departing nearby your city.

If you think you are not getting relevant flight deals, you can change your home city on our platform at any time. If you are not receiving our notifications, let us know at hello@hopuflights.com and we’ll do our best to fix that.

Where can I find all of your current deals?

If you don’t read your emails that often or simply want to check out our latest deals, you can always check out the latest deals on our platform.

Can I search for a destination?

The short answer is no. Unlike travel agencies or flight search engines, our goal is to provide you with the best flights’ alternatives going to destination you perhaps would have never thought of. In other words, we have complex algorithms and a team that scour the web through millions of flights’ combinations, so you get to benefit only from the very best ones.

How can I contact you?

If you still have questions, send us an email at support@hopuflights.com or on Facebook Messenger.

About our Flights

Have questions about our flights and how to book them? Find all the answers here.

What is a flight deal?

As a rule of thumb, we define a flight deal as any flight that is at least 40% cheaper than the average price. But this is not enough, our team also considers other variables such as stopovers, destination attractiveness, seasonality and luggage policy, to get you only the best of the best. 

Are your flight deals for specific dates only?

We understand that it’s not always easy to be flexible with dates. That’s why we include alternative dates in the vast majority of our flight deals. We cannot control what deals are available in the market, but we will always do our best to provide you with enough alternatives so you can make it work!

Do you find "last-minute" flights?

We don’t really like “last-minute” deals as most of our users don’t get the chance to arrange such trips a few days in advance. Most of the deals we publish depart between one and six months range.. That way, you have plenty of flexibility to arrange your next dream trip.

Do you have weekend deals?

Yes we do! Our team finds the best flights for your weekend getaways and public holidays. Typically, our weekend flights leave on Friday evening or Saturday morning and come back on Sunday evening or Monday morning latest. Don’t have the flexibility to travel during the week ? This is for you. Check our Hopu Plus page to upgrade and benefit from our weekend deals.

Does the price include luggage?

In every flight page, you will find a very detailed description of how much it cost to add some luggage on your flight. In some cases, luggage is already included in the price we found, those are the best deals!

Do your flights have a lot of stopovers?

We try not to. Our team does its best to find a great balance between traveling hours and stopovers. Generally, we never send flights with more than 2 stopovers and 5 hours of layover. Our algorithms do the search but our team does the picking, so you will only get quality flights.

How long do your deals last for?

Most of our flights stay for less than 3 days on the platform. So if you find something you like, we recommend you book it as fast as possible. Good deals don’t last. But no worries, we make our best to keep the price updated if it changes and, of course, to keep finding the best deals out there

Do you guarantee the price and availability?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the prices as we don’t sell flights ourselves. However, we do refresh prices several times a day and do our best to update them if needed. In terms of availability, you will find that information on the travel agent or airline website. In case a flight is fully booked, you can still check the alternative dates we provide for the same deal.

Do you work with airlines or travel agents?

We don’t have partnerships with airlines or travel agents. Our only incentive is to find the best deals for you. That way, we don’t get our hands tied to one provider and get to compare all of them out there.

How can I book your flights?

We have a dedicated page for each flight we find. There you will find all the relevant details and the instructions to book each deal in particular. After that, you will be redirected to the best flight providers in the market or the airline itself. We do our best to send you to the most reliable websites to proceed with your booking.

Is it safe to book your flights?

At Hopu, we do our best to make sure you book flights on the most trusted websites. If you have doubts about providers, feel free to reach us at hello@hopuflights.com

Do you earn money on the flight bookings?

We do not receive any commissions when our members book one of our flights. Our only incentive is to provide our community with the best deals, and we only when happy members upgrade to Plus.

Can you help me with booking a flight?

With each deal we send, you will find a link to our website where we list all of the relevant details that allow you to book the flight. Nevertheless, our team is ready to provide assistance, should you require it. Please contact us by email at support@hopuflights.com or on Messenger.

Hopu Plus

Hopu Plus is a membership that will grant you access to exclusive features and many more flight deals.

What are the benefits of Hopu Plus?

Hopu Plus is an exclusive membership for our users.

As a Hopu Plus member, you will get access to:

  • All of our deals, no restrictions anymore
  • Tools to customize your flight alerts
  • Our Weekend flights section

Learn more on our Hopu Plus dedicated page.

What's the price of the Hopu Plus membership

Our yearly subscription plan is 39€. Find out more about the benefits here.

Can I try Hop Plus for free?

Of course, we provide our free members with a 14 days free trial. That means you won’t be charged before the end of that period. If you wish to cancel your Hopu Plus subscription during the free trial period, send us an email to support@hopuflights.com and we will cancel it for you. You won’t be charged afterwards.

What's the Weekend section?

In this section, you will find the best flights for your weekend getaways and public holidays. Typically, our weekend flights leave on Friday evening or Saturday morning and come back on Sunday evening or Monday morning latest. Don’t have the flexibility to travel during the week ? This is for you. Check our Hopu Plus page to upgrade and benefit from our weekend deals.


How can I personalise my alerts?

As a Hopu Plus member, you get to choose which airports you want to see flights departing from. Both long-haul and short-haul flights. You can set up those parameters here.

Is my payment information safe?

Absolutely. We use one of the best players worldwide for payment processing (Stripe), and they provide the whole infrastructure to assure your security, just like they do for other services you might already use (Spotify, Netflix, etc). It’s worth mentioning that Hopu never has access to your financial information.

How can I cancel or pause my membership?

Send us an email at support@hopuflights.com and we will take care of your cancelation. Please provide us with feedback if you can. We’re always looking to improve our product.