Frequently asked questions


We constantly find very well priced flights, and we share it with the Hopu Community through our platform and email notification services.

How can I get access to your deals?

Sign up here for free. You will then need to confirm your email before you get access to our platform and email notifications. As a Hopu member, can browse all our deals on our platform, at any time.

How frequently do I receive your emails?

Free members usually receive up to 3 alerts per week (individual deals). If you wish to receive more deals, you can visit our Plus page.

Which regions & languages are you covering?

Our website and notifications are currently available in French and English. We cover airports in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. Have any region you want us to launch first? Send us an email to support@hopuflights.com

Can I personnalise my alerts?

Free members can set up their home region and language. They will receive long haul flights in a range of 700km around that region and short-haul flights in a range of 200km around that region. Change your home region and language here. You can visit our Plus page if you want to discover our personalization tools.

Is it safe to book your flights?
All the flights we send you are open to the public. That means we will re-direct you to the airline website or online travel agents. You won’t be booking on our website.
How can I book your flights?
We have a dedicated page for each flight we find. There you will find all the relevant details and the instructions to book each deal in particular.
Do you earn money on the flight bookings?

We do not receive any commissions when our members book one of our flights. Our only incentive is to provide our community with the best deals, and we only when happy members upgrade to Plus.

Is it free?

Yes, free members get access to some of our features. If you wish to receive more flights and get personalization tools, please visit our Plus page.

Can you help me with booking a flight?
With each deal we send, you will find a link to our website where we list all of the relevant details that allow you to book the flight. Nevertheless, our team is ready to provide assistance, should you require it. Please contact us by email at support@hopuflights.com or on Messenger.
How can I contact you?

If you still have questions, send us an email at support@hopuflights.com or on Messenger.

Hopu Plus

Hopu Plus is a membership that will grant you access to exclusive features accross our different services.

Where can I learn more about hopu Plus?

We have a Hopu Plus dedicated page, you will discover all our premium features there. Any question? Send us an email at support@hopuflights.com

Can I try hopu Plus?

Of course, we provide our free members with 14 days of free trial. That means you won’t be charged before the end of that period. If you wish to cancel your hopu Plus subscription during the free trial period, send us an email to support@hopuflights.com and we will cancel it for you. You won’t be charged afterward.

Can I setup my own notifications?

As a premium member, you can choose to receive flight notifications in a range between 0km and 1000km around your home city, both for short and long haul flights. If you wish to change those settings, you can do that at any time in your dashboard in the “Plus Settings” area.

Do Plus users get other benefits?
Travel Design lets you get access to the Hopu expertise on demand. You will get to talk to our experts and they will help you find the best flight for the trip you are planning. As a Premium member, you get a discount on our Travel Design service. You can visit our dedicated page here for more information.


How much does it cost?

Our yearly subscription plan is 39€. Find out more about the benefits here.

Is my payment information safe?
Yes, absolutely. We use the two main players worldwide for payment processing (Stripe and PayPal), and they provide the whole infrastructure to assure your security, just like they do for other services you might already use (Spotify, Netflix, etc). It’s worth mentioning that Hopu never has access to your financial information.